Monday, November 23, 2015

Crystal Light with Fruit, 8"x 8", oil

(This piece is in a private collection in Grass Valley, California.)

“Imagine a Carthage sown with salt, and all the sowers gone, and the seeds
lain however long in the earth, till there rose finally in vegetable profusion
leaves and trees of rime and brine. What flowering would there be in such
a garden? Light would force each salt calyx to open in prisms, and to fruit
heavily with bright globes of water–-peaches and grapes are little more than
that, and where the world was salt there would be greater need of slaking. 
Marilynne Robinson, "Housekeeping"

 Before painting "Crystal Light with Fruit" I wanted to use a light that was coming from the back.of my still life .That kind of lighting made a dramatic change in the way the objects were hit by the light or reflected it. I thought that the original pattern it created on the horizontal  plane was interesting and challenging and worth the effort to paint.